P.B.I.S: What does it mean? It stands for Positive Behavioral Intervention and Supports. This program was implemented to make the school a better and safer place for students. P.B.I.S. coordinator and English teacher, Mr. Mazzocchi, who attended Brooklyn College and majored in English, later transferred to George Washington University where he ended up getting his Masters in educational leadership. He originally wanted to be a psychologist, professor, and poet, but his final decision was to “spend [his] days talking about books with young people”.

When Mr. Mazzocchi applied to John Adams 9 years ago, they were facing many issues such as low graduation rates, high suspension, etc. So, roughly 5 years ago, Mr. Mazzocchi and Dr. Silverman, the assistant principal, came to a consensus that something needed to be done to make this school a better place for students and staff.

They decided to visit a college in Connecticut which is where they discovered P.B.I.S., and they claimed it was “the most appealing program in our eyes”.

Implementing this new program into our school wasn’t as difficult as it seemed. They originally turned it to a class that consisted of many supports that the students could partake in, so they would lend a helping hand into making our school a better place. Therefore, it's an effort on both parties.

Since P.B.I.S was established in John Adams, “the attendance rate has gone up 6%, the college readiness rate has gone up 8%, the credit accumulation rate has gone up 7%, the suspension rate has dropped 14%, and the graduation rate went up 18%”.  

With all the great progress P.B.I.S. has made, we are all looking forward to the next couple of weeks.

Next month, on April 14th, we’re holding the VIP lunch, which is when you can redeem your rack-em ups and buy your way into VIP lunch. As we know, school lunch might not always be appetizing, so this is your time to score some good food. All teachers bring in food for our students and the students get a variety of options to choose from, due to our very diverse staff.

When it comes to the actual program, P.B.I.S, we are still making changes to make the school better. For example, in Tier 2, we have 12 supports such as mediation, mentoring, substance abuse counseling, etc. We are also trying to double the supports so by the beginning of next year, there will be 24 supports. Also, in the upcoming years, we can expect a new game implemented to help students deal with their emotions. This game will consist of electrodes that take your heart rate to show what you are feeling in that exact moment.

Here at John Adams, we are still trying to Raise The Bar!!!!!!!!!!!




Global Kids is a non-profit organization that helps youth become developed for the global stage through education and leadership development program. At John Adams, it is currently in it’s second year of a three year contract funded by DOE (Department of Education). The current CEO is Evie, who is also in charge of the programs.

This program leads students to a bright beneficial future in future careers. It lets students learn about global issues that affect students here and over the world and inspires them to pursue careers that help address global issues such as President of The United States.

Nicole ,currently the clinical social worker of the “Global Kids” team, provides social and emotional support to students and teachers. She also provides a mental health service in case a teacher or student is having problems and teaches a yoga and meditation class.

Also, there are many programs and extracurricular activities that students can participate in to help them become more educated about global and political topics:

Human Rights Activist Project - Give students the opportunity to learn more about human rights around the world.

Girls Digital Leadership Program - Educates girls about using computers to create coding so they can design their own video games.

Social Activist Performance Art - Allows students to experience and perform different cultural dances.

Lit Minds/Literary Program - Students debate about global and political topics.

College/Career Readiness - Helps students enlist in college course classes to help them earn college credits and apply for college.

Parents can also participate in this organization to help them become more aware of the world around them. If parents are interested, they can meet with Bo, a staff member of the organization, who will get the parents involved in PTA (Parent Teacher Association) meetings and educational workshops.

Also, students go on international trips to universities to experience college life and what it takes to enter college. They also go to a yoga retreat called “Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health which provides student on the learning of yoga and many more. In the past, students went on a international trip

called “Peace Boat” which takes kids around the world.

What we can expect in the coming weeks of global kids is a community school meeting in March for students, a new yoga program coming soon that’s going to be referral based, more trips and a citywide conference on April 26 at Hunter College.

By: Samantha

One of the greatest clubs that students can join at John Adams is the robotics team. Meetings are held Monday, Wednesday, and occasionally on Friday. Anyone interested in joining can find a mailing list in room 233.

You may be wondering what the robotics team is all about. The robotics team is for students who are interested in learning about engineering, leadership, and teamwork. The team works together to build robots that will then take part in competitions against other schools.

These competitions take place in a big field with other schools. Each side has three robots from different schools who work together to complete certain obstacles. These obstacles include picking up balls to determine if the robots function properly, and more. The robotics team competed in their first competition on March 23rd.

The team is mentored by Mr. Roeder. His inspiration to mentor the team came from his wonderful experiences with constructing robots in high school, and later on in college.

Mr. Roeder is extremely passionate about robotics as well as the dedicated students on the team.

He really enjoys being a part of the team because the team members remind him of himself. He regularly encourages the team to work together by reminding them of their goal, why they got involved, and their individual strengths.


By: Jasmine and Heather

Photography, is a part of human desire to capture and express life. By using our artistic vision through photography, we are able to encapsulate the moment in which we are currently living. Photography can be used as a tool to take familiar objects and present them to the world in an unfamiliar way. Photography is a form of communication in which the photographer uses their image to inform, educate, entertain and share the moment with their audience.

In John Adams High School, students are motivated to use photography as a means to express their creativity and artistic vision. Photography teacher Ms. Gibbs has made it part of her goal to teach each of her students of to increase their visual intelligence, and to take better photos. She encourages student use their the ability to look and analyze photographs in order to create their own vision. John Adams has been able to provide the students with the equipment necessary for projects that are both inside and outside the classroom.

Throughout the course of the year, students are encouraged to participate in projects to help develop their skills. Students have engaged in photographing various different types of food such as fruits and eggs. One of the major projects that students focused on was self portraits through the use of tripods. Students also practiced photographing images in “landscape mode” on trips to places such as Central Park.


These excursions occurred over the course of two days alongside other staff in the students preferred location. Each student has the potential to hone their artistic skill, students have gone on to start their own businesses as well as help motivate others to become more interested and engaged in photography.

Make sur
e you show your school spirit by supporting your fellow spartans at their upcoming games!




The National Honor Society is a major club in John Adams High School that recognizes students achieving an average of 85% or above. This club works hard to promote their community, and encourage students to maintain their grades. Director Alamarie, advisor of the National Honor Society, along with Mr. Singh, and Ms. Rojas. Counselor of STEM program, have worked hard to bring the society to where it stands today.

Director Alamarie, who was once an Honor Society member at John Adams High School now, handles the club as an advisor. “It pushed me to make the club better” and motivate more students to become part of the society” stated Director Alamarie.

A lot has changed in the National Honor Society and much of it has to do with “outreach to students and new cultures of students being recognized.” For example, during the start of NHS, there were about 20 member in the society.


Now, there are over 250 students within the society. As of now, the NHS isn’t facing any financial issues and is stable.  

In the upcoming weeks, we can expect to see the induction ceremony for NHS, which marks the conclusion of the club for the year. During the ceremony, students will be awarded and certified based on how much service they did within the society and how much effort they made to collaborate to the club.

NHS will also be holding Council Elections for the society for the upcoming years. Member from junior year will run for Council positions and and everyone will have a chance to vote for new members.

As always, the National Honor Society wants to promote their community, encourage students to partake in community service, and ensure its members maintain their grades.


By; Kesean

Mr. Apfel is a dean for the STEM SLC, and this would be his first year in this role. He is looking forward to the challenge.

He’s very happy to have such an opportunity.

He says,“I do enjoy myself. I’m involved with many things around the school, and this satisfies me. I like to help students and encourage them. Being a dean gives me the platform to reach on a greater level to more of the student body”.

As a dean, his job is to patrol the halls, making sure everyone is doing the right thing, responding to on the fly calls when teachers and students need help, and most importantly, helping students solve issues instead of punishing them for them.

Mr. Apfel is involved with many different things. The first role he played in John Adams was a gym teacher over the years and his position evolved. Now he is the coach for many different teams including the Indoor and Outdoor Track teams, as well as is a leader for PBIS.

“Other than my current activities, I’ve always had an interest in trying new things and exploring everyone’s jobs because I believe it would be a good way to bring everyone in John Adams closer to one another, and it's a good way to see things from different perspectives instead of just your own, and walk in someone else’s shoes--seeing the struggles they go through. For example, I would like to try the principal’s job for the day to see how difficult his decisions are to make, or vice versa, giving my job of being a dean for a day to a student”.

Mr. Apfel has been doing a great job so far as a dean as the seniors in his SLC are on track for 100% graduation.

Apfel’s biggest goal is the continuation of this tradition all he wants is success for all students he says, “I want students to do what they need to do, to always do the right thing, to lead by example and push themselves to be better”.

Teacher’s Spotlight

By: Hasan

Who’s your bow tie wearing, chicken eating, lacrosse loving, physics teacher? That would be Daniel.

Mr. Formichelli is a teacher at John Adams High School, fresh out of college teaching myself and a group of others in AP Physics. He is preparing us for the AP test. and his other students for the regents in a regular physics classes.

Being his first year teaching, Mr. Formichelli usually makes lesson plans the day of, or the day before; in a nonchalant manner, stating “sometimes you gotta take it one day at a time.” He makes sure that all of his students don’t fall behind in his intense classes by giving them one on one time,  and he has a workshop after school for those needing extra help.

I asked him what gets him up in the morning and as he responded by saying, “My alarm clock.” Believe it or not, he enjoys teaching so much that he has dreams of lessons in future  units and teaching them. He is a real pleasure to have as a teacher.

He hasn’t faced much adversity in his life, (except student loans), but since teaching, the commute is troubling that many teachers can relate to. Mr. Formichelli created club soccer back in college and wants to do the same here at John Adams by coaching either lacrosse or soccer.

As an educator, he wants 20 years under his belt, and to be a future Principal or AP position.

Mr. Formichelli enjoys going  out of his way, looking for problems to put in his lessons that even stumps him at times, leading towards content full classes and creative problem solving skills for his students. This is particularly important because the AP test is on May 8, making him pressed for time.

His favorite saying provides some words of encouragement: “small victories win the war.” Let’s wish him and his students best of luck on their endeavors!

Senior Lacrosse

By: Leilani Yasmeen & Blase

Image result for lacrosse clipart

Our lacrosse coach, Ms.Palmieri, was a prior lacrosse player at Adelphi and SUNY Cortland as an amazing attacker. With most of her prior team members leaving after graduation, she now faces challenges with preparing the beginners and rebuilding back their mojo. Coach Palmieri will “teach the new girls the fundamentals of the game,” and she also exclaimed that “this season looks promising!”

With help from her up and coming captains, Jennifer Ramones, Leyka Rose, and Aaliyah Spence, the team should emerge victorious.

Image result for lacrosse clipart

The new and motivated captain, Leyka, stated that “Ms.Palmieri is a great coach and “she would lead the team to victory with the help of the returners training the newbies  to work hard and, up to their full potential.” With all the work, they could improve greatly and make it as far as they did last year when they made it to their finals”. She goes on to state: “I don’t know if I’m going to play in college, but I am definitely going to try out for the team in London. Every member on the team is striving for that”.

New helmets  are causing conflicts in the game as well . The helmets are interfering with the full potential of the players. Those with glasses are having trouble, and the helmets take away from the true essence of the game itself.

In addition, the Lady Spartans will  have opportunities to play in London with Coach Palmieri.

The girls are ecstatic and plan on proving themselves worthy of accompanying Coach Palmieri in London.

Besides everything that is going on with lacrosse, Ms.Palmieri is also teaching a leadership class. The students act as a student government and prepare events for the school. Ms.Palmieri stated that    “It’s going great and I am looking forward to the up coming events that are coming next. “

Please be informed that students MUST attend the following days:April 5th and April 7th if want to attend prom! Students will not be able to attend if they miss any of these days. Seniors: please come to school and get your attendance!

This webpage is brought to you by the students in Ms. Finkel's journalism class!