In John Adams High School College Now classes are offered to students who are interested in going to college.College Now classes are special classes that award you both high school and college credit. By taking these classes, you can get a jumpstart on your college career, and even skip some of your college classes later on! The college credits that you get will apply in all CUNY schools and most SUNY schools. Challenge yourself, and apply for college now!  

College Now classes are now offered at John Adams High School.

Classes# of College Credits
Theater Arts3
College Prep3

Steps for signing up for College Now
  1. Select a course that interests you
  2. Ensure you meet the eligible requirements
  3. Sign and fill out the application
  4. Return the application to Mr. Persaud in Rm. 149
Eligibility Requirements 
  • For a Math class or class with math prerequisite 
  1. 80 or better on any one of the new Regents Examinations (Integrated Algebra, Geometry, or Algebra 2 and Trigonometry or a higher-level course
  2. 500 or better on SAT math section
  3. 50 or better on PSAT math section
  • For all other classes
  1. 75 or better on English Language Arts (ELA) Regents
  2. 480 or better on SAT verbal section
  3. 48 or better on PSAT verbal section

Saturday Health and Medical Professions Program 
Apart from the College Now classes, there is also a Saturday Health and Medical Professions Program. This Program is a two year program and is based on a Saturday schedule. This Program is an early start for a health career.

Saturday Health and Medical Professions Program description
  • 10 Saturdays in each term
  • 10 college credits earned in the field of Health
  • Free books and materials