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Livemocha is a website that gives you free online language learning lessons. There are 35 different languages that you are able to choose. Any language that you choose, they will give you two difficult levels to the language. For example, if you choose that you want to learn Korean, it will go from beginner to intermediate. Before you actually start the lessons they also show you little fun facts on the language. When you actually begin the lesson you first sign up for the lessons. You make a profile and they try and find out your understandings on the language whether its basic or you have an idea on how to create a basic conversation. You earn points, you can help others taking the same lessons, and you can have partners. When you a first beginning livemocha, they start you off with 40,999 points. With those points you can buy your lessons. Lessons range from 2,999 - 6,999 points so you are more than set with the points they give you. Livemocha is a very helpful website to improve speaking to another language.

Duolingo is a free language-learnig and crowdsoureced text translation platform. This service is designed so that its users can simultaneously translate websites and other documents. Doulingo offers a wide variety of languages such as English, Spanish, Danish, Dutch, Italian, German, French, Irish and etc.

Babbel gives you everything you need to speak, write and understand a new language. You can set your own pace so you are able to learn what you want, when you want to. Babbel also has an integrated speech recognition, which can help you improve your pronunciation.