Library Of Congress. gov is an essential websites for students in high school and above. It covers topics in social studies such as; U.S. History, World History, Sports, and Religion. This website also covers topics in Science, Technology, Law, Government, and Politics. This website is a great place to find research informations and resources for essays or projects.The Library Of Congress is a federal website that is used by the national congress to fulfill their constitutional duties. It is based off an actual library of the same name, that happens to be the largest library in the world. The building contains about 151.8 million items, the website conveniently displays a selection of the items free for the public. The Library Of Congress is the ultimate website for high school students looking for credible research and sources.

The National Geographic Society has been inspiring people to care about the planet since 1888. It is one of the largest nonprofit scientific and educational
institutions in the world. Its interests includes geography, archaeology, natural science and historical conservation. The society publishes national geographic magazines, as well as books, school products, maps and film products. The national geographic education foundation gives grants to education organizations and individualsto improve geography education. Its committee for research and exploration has awarded more than 11,000 grants for scientific research and exploration.

Lizardpoint offers everything that students will need to know about geography. You can start from learning the locations of the continents to naming individual cities.The learning materials are divided into sections, which makes it easier to comprehend and memorize the content. There are several modes that help you while your on the website: study mode, practice mode, and test mode. After you have studied a content from a topic, you can then go into practice mode or challenge yourself with the test mode and find out if you have mastered that topic.