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APlus Physics is a very useful website for regents prep as well as for the students who are taking AP physics. It helps the high school and college students to focus on problem solving, understanding and relating the concept to the real world. It has a lot of resources to help the students. It has worksheets, videos and projects to help students understand the principles of physics. It also has notes for each topic to explain the topic and it also gives the definition of the key terms.

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Chem4kids.com is a very useful website for students who are taking chemistry. It has information on matter, atoms, elements, periodic table, reactions and biochemistry. These topics are very important for chemistry regents and this website provides a simple and easy study guide for these topics. It has many detailed explanation for each topic.This website is very easy to navigate. It even has sitemap for those who might get confuse while using it. It is very colorful which could reduce the boredom of some students. In addition, it included many pictures with the description of each topic which can help student to understand better.